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No Added, Anything!

It's flavor, delivered.

Premium Beef

Our beef is hand selected for top quality and is "AAA" certified!

Your selected cuts are naturally aged for 28 days providing you with maximum tenderness. Only well marbled cuts become hand trimmed for your freezer as we custom cut to all your family's desired thickness and weights.

We never use or add any flavor enhancers, additives, MSG or dyes to your cuts. We vacuum seal and label your cuts individually, so you only take what you need from your freezer without waste.

Premium Pork

If you love Pork, then you will love our Ontario farm raised Pork!

We hand cut and trim all your favorite lean and tender cuts. We then individually vacuum seal and label for freshness for up to 18 months in your freezer.

Premium Chicken

Only the best farm raised, free range poultry is provided to you. All air chilled without any dyes or bleaches to alter the flavor or look, thus providing your family with the healthiest choice cuts.

Once trimmed, we carefully vacuum seal and label your cuts to ensure farm fresh quality in your freezer. We know you'll agree that this will be the freshest tasting chicken you have ever put on your plate!

Sue and Mike from Milton, Ontario, say:

"My husband and I share one vehicle and work requires him to travel far often. Going grocery shopping had always been a problem for us. With Direct Fine Foods, our grocery order is delivered in bulk, completely selected by us and is very affordable. I love shopping from my freezer now and we never have to worry about having no groceries in our home."

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