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Our Humble Story!

A little while ago (1997 to be exact) our then small company set out to supply families with all natural and free range, chemical free beef, pork and poultry product.

We wanted the best tasting and most tender meats that are reserved for the family and friends of local farmers. We searched for farmers, who like us, really cared about natural farming and a passion for the foods we eat. We knocked on a lot of farmers doors in search of that perfect farm.

We had advised them of our strict standards and a commitment to quality. Yes, we had doors slammed in our faces but we would not give up until we found the right ones.

Why? Because we refuse to supply families like yours with meats farmed in heavy commercial feed lots and out of country suppliers with no quality control.

I'm sure our annoying persistence was not welcomed by every farmer we had come across, this we make no apology for. We just wanted to find the best farmers that care about natural farming like we do. Our persistence was based on those principles then and we strictly maintain the same attitude today.

We also take even extra measures after farming to insure your family enjoys the very best. Your selected cuts are certified "AAA" federally inspected, hand carved, individually vacuum sealed aged to perfection and blast frozen to lock in flavor and extreme tenderness.

So when new customers ask us, "Why are you so different from other meat companies?" We simply answer...

"Because we really care about what your family eats!"

We have grown considerably since 1997 and now home deliver our custom meat orders to families all across Ontario. So when you are ready to enjoy all the advantages, we are here, ready to assist you.

"My goal is to have families everywhere enjoy naturally farmed meats with no added growth hormones, no flavor enhancers and no use of any tenderizers."

"Any other way is not good farming and it's just not right. It's not the way I feed my family and it's not the way I would want to feed yours."

"That's my promise to you!"

Gord Abbott

Natural farming for 22 years

Trudy and Family from Barrie, Ontario, say:

"Our family is always on the go. We needed quick and a simple way to prepare dinners as we have many nightly activities with the kids. Having our custom order individually vacuum sealed, allows me to prepare dinners with quick defrosting that helps us cut down on our prep time dramatically".

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