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In 2011, statistics show that a family of four spends on average $175.00 every week on meats and groceries. That's over $9,000.00 per year and grocery costs continue to increase with rising food prices.

Our members enjoy bulk purchasing power that provides unseen cost savings from today's supermarkets. Our fully customized freezer and pantry orders, for a family of four begin at only $75.67 per week. At Direct Fine Foods every families customized grocery order is very unique and therefore each families weekly grocery cost will be too.

A free in-home grocery preview will provide your family with exactly how much you'll save by shopping with us!

Sign up for your membership or if you are still undecided, request a free preview pass and we will help set-up your cost comparison appointment tonight.

How much do you spend a week

on your family's groceries?

certified "AAA" meats!

free grocery rewards!

Our members enjoy more than just great savings!

exclusive member savings!

easy no interest payments!

shop at home!

all natural!

100% member guarantee!

loaner freezers!

free home delivery!

member care support

free range Ontario farmed meats!

portion controlled cuts!

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